Our policy

A signatory of the Global Compact, Séché Environnement follows a policy of social responsibility, which is formalised into its sustainable development Charter and its HSSE policy.
Driven by this objective, Séché Environnement developed a human resources policy that puts men and women at the heart of the company. The community of collaborators is united around values of professionalism, excellence, transparency, and a strong belief to contribute daily to collective well-being.

Putting women and men at the heart of the company

The desire for continuous improvement remains strong and the search for excellence relies on the skills and expertise of Séché Environnement’s collaborators.
Each of the 4600 employees share this common goal and mobilize all their know-how to reach the Group’s objectives. The behaviour and actions Codes delivered to all employees provide them with a guide to act on a day to day basis.
Autonomy is promoted, allowing each of them to fully develop their skills and gain responsibilities. Likewise, mobility between sites, or for international missions, is facilitated for the staff.


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Developing human capital

Continuing education is a major lever for the development of professional practices, the transmission of know-how, and the emergence of new competences.
Since the waste professions are in constant evolution, Séché Environnement is highly committed to developing a policy of continuing education for its collaborators that includes collective needs – through the adaptation of teams and individuals to emerging professions – and individual needs – by identifying specific demands.
This corporate culture, which is a skills catalyst, enables the Group to reach its objectives.


Promoting diversity

Equal access of men and women to employment, age diversity, proactive support in favour of disabled people. Committed to all these causes, Séché Environnement has developed action plans destined to promote male and female diversity, considered as a genuine asset for the company.
In 2012, the Group signed a convention with the Agefiph in order to develop an action plan on every site, which is aimed to facilitate recruitment of disabled workers on the long run, and create new jobs to help disabled people remain in the market.

Social dialogue

The improvement of individual and collective performance requires the commitment of the entire staff, who need to embrace the company’s objectives and share its values. Among every entity of the Group, social dialogue is promoted and takes various forms: institutional exchanges with professional unions, individual discussions focused on professional skills and the company life, or commitments in favour of sustainable development.


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Guaranteeing high-quality working conditions

On each of its sites, Séché Environnement implements policies to prevent workplace accidents and occupational diseases. As early as 2003, the Group was among the first to obtain the OHSAS 18001 Certification (occupational health and safety management) for the sites of Séché Eco-Industries (53) and Drimm (82). The certification was then extended to most of the sites. Backed by the managers and all the collaborators, the development of a health and safety culture, formalised into the HSSE Charter, allowed the implementation of an action plan based on:

  • Personal training to improve visibility over future risks
  • Maximisation of tools and work organisation
  • Creation of working groups aimed to organise collective debates to improve knowledge about these issues