CSR Reporting

Faced with an environmental and climate emergency,

Séché Environnement is taking on a role as a key player in this major overhaul of our society

The circular economy resembles a utopia*. It involves rebuilding an ideal societal structure (or something like it) based on modified behaviors, rethinking how society is organized for the common good of humanity and preserving resources for the future. Waste is one of the major factors, after the need for frugality in our consumption.

Waste is in the spotlight because it is part of the solution (storage, treatment and recovery). It allows the circular economy loop to be closed, or it can prevent it. As such, it is a vital phase. We should not forget that some of this waste may be relatively hazardous and must be controlled and monitored. These activities linked to waste recovery are constantly evolving and require innovation and investment in technologies that are becoming increasingly sophisticated. And this is a global issue!

It is with this in mind that Séché Environnement’s 2.500 employees worldwide (4.500 as of early 2019 with the addition of the South African teams), are committed to recycling whatever can be recycled into raw materials or, failing that, recovering the energy they contain. In this way, they are helping to preserve our planet’s resources. Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a managerial approach that puts the company back at the center of its ecosystem, with its employees, but also its neighbors and customers, as well as the non-profit, educational, and academic world. In partnership with these stakeholders, the Group is acting to conserve resources, combat climate change and preserve biodiversity.

"This entire adventure would not have been possible without all the men and women who contribute to it daily.
I would like to publicly acknowledge and thank them here.

Aside from facilitating consideration of and adherence to standards and regulations, CSR is a source of new strength that can improve our performance in all areas, thereby helping to secure the Group’s position in its environment, expand its businesses and sustainably improve its results.

Joël Séché
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

* Utopia: “An imaginary and an impractical scheme for building a society which, in the eyes of the person who builds it, represents an ideal”.
NB: the English and Spanish versions of the Report will be published in May.