With more than 25 years of experience, Séché Environnement uses its skills and expertise all over the world to support companies, public structures and supra-national organisations throughout the waste management process.

Internationally, relying on its South American, North African and European subsidiaries, Séché Environnement offers the following solutions:

  • Design, development and operation of bespoke installations
  • Operation of existing installations (delegated management, delegation of public services)
  • Rehabilitation and decontamination of industrial sites and landfills
  • High-risk waste treatment at our specialised treatment sites Trédi Salaise and Trédi Saint Vulbas, recognised for their international expertise in treating hazardous waste
  • Treatment and recovery of industrial effluents
  • Material and energy recovery

Séché is involved in the entire waste management process: from administrative formalities (preparing a Basel Convention application in the case of waste treatment at our French sites) to transport management, and the waste treatment itself within an authorised and appropriate structure. Séché can also intervene in emergency situations (following a natural disaster, an industrial accident,…) or on high risk operations (chemical, biological, environmental,…). Our Trédi subsidiary has developed expertise in chemical risks and the disposal of dangerous waste products. Thanks to our recognised know-how, we regularly intervene on behalf of governments or supra-national organisations (such as the UN, the FAO and the World Bank), as well as for large industrial multinationals. Séché Environnement is a signatory of the Global Compact pact, and adheres to the SDG (Sustainable Development Goals).