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- The shares are registered exclusively at the company’s securities service (run by CACEIS) who holds and manages the shares for free.
- The transfer of your registered shares:
In order to transfer your registered shares, all you need to do is send your broker the properly completed and signed application form requesting the transfer of the shares. Your broker will do the rest directly with CACEIS.
As soon as CACEIS has received your shares, CACEIS Corporate Trust, the company responsible for managing registered shares on behalf of Séché Environnement, will send you the certificate of registration in a correspondent account. CACEIS Corporate Trust will be, from then on, your unique communication point.
A receipt of operations will be sent following each operation on your account. On the 31st of December each year, CACEIS Corporate Trust will send a statement of your securities account. Transfer fees associated with the shares will be determined by your broker, you should check their fee scales to find out more.
In order to know how much time it will take to transfer your shares, you should ask your broker. Your registered shares will only be registered once your broker has transferred the shares.

Externally administered registered shares:
- The shares, held and managed by the shareholder’s broker are also registered at the company’s securities service (this is particularly recommended when the shares are held within a Plan d’Epargne par Actions – PEA).

- The registration of your externally administered registered shares
Registering externally administered registered shares does not require any share transfer nor changing banks.
Your externally administered registered share account is thus managed by your chosen bank.
Your bank must register with our securities manager, in this case CACEIS Corporate Trust, and the bank will continue to manage your shares.
CACEIS Corporate Trust will register, for free, your externally administered registered shares as soon as they receive the application from your broker. Shares held within a PEA can be registered in this way.


The shareholder is only known indirectly to the company. The listed company can receive, the list of its bearer shareholders at a given date (the TPI file – the Identifiable Bearer Shares file) through its clearing organisation (Euroclear France).
In order to better know our shareholders, Séché Environnement regularly asks for this file.


The dividend is the part of the annual net profit that the company distributes to its shareholders. The amount, proposed by the Board, is subject to the approval of shareholders at the AGM (Annual General Meeting). It is payable at the latest 9 months after the closure of the accounting period.
To receive a dividend, all you need to do is be the owner of a share at the so-called "ex-dividend date".

You do not have to do anything to receive your dividends: they are automatically paid into your account at your broker if you are owner of bearer shares or externally administered registered shares, or they are paid by CACEIS by check or bank transfer if you are a registered shareholder.


This site can contain estimated information. This information comes either from trends, or from targets at the date that they are published on the website and cannot be seen as expected results or any other performance indicator.
This information is, by nature, subject to risks and uncertainty that are difficult to estimate, and are generally outside the control of the Company, and can lead to results and expected development which differ significantly from the trends and targets originally announced.
These risks include, in particular those described in the Annual Report of the Company, which is available online (in the Regulatory Information section – activity reports). This information does not reflect future performances of the Company, which can differ significantly and no guarantee can be given regarding the realisation of these prospective elements.
The Company makes no promises regarding the updating of this information.