The green transition with our solutions : Séché Environnement 2020 integrated report

The green transition with our solutions : Séché Environnement 2020 integrated report


Given the unique context of the last year, the Group’s activities have been able to adapt and respond to the pandemic, providing a reminder of how essential they are.

Portrait de Maxime Séché, Directeur général du Groupe Séché Environnement


This crisis has also shed light on the need to bolster the independence of our economy, particularly in strategic sectors, while also accelerating the green transition. Thanks to its expertise in circular economy, Seche Environnement intends to fully play its role in response to these numerous challenges.

The high standards that the Group has always applied have enabled it to maintain continuity of business in every country where Séché Environnement is present. This has been possible thanks to the efforts of all our employees, who have managed to use their know-how to serve the common good. We would like to thank them once again for their commitment and professionalism.

The pandemic has also demonstrated the importance of countries’ economic sovereignty in terms of procuring critical inputs for the industry. As such, the subsidiary Speichim Processing, which specializes in regenerating and purifying complex mixtures, has signed a manifesto on relocating the medicine production chain to Europe, which brings together numerous pharmaceutical and chemical companies. By developing and implementing circular economy solutions, Séché Environnement is contributing to the development of resilient and lasting business models. Thanks to its capacity for innovation, the Group is developing numerous processes to secure its partners’ supplies of low-carbon raw materials, while also developing new reuse and recycling loops.

2020 also reflected the Group’s longevity, whether in terms of social and environmental commitments, or business and financial performances. Séché Environnement held firm on its course for growth both in France and internationally, while also paying particular attention to its non-financial results. With a fundamental commitment to protecting the environment, the teams accelerated the rollout of their projects in the field, notably by stepping up the production of low-carbon energy from our activities. They also collectively elevated the actions by sites committed to fostering biodiversity. As such, the Group successfully completed the third year of the impact loan, which marries finance and sustainable development. This is further proof of our commitment to give our initiatives, strategy and vision meaning.

Today more than ever, we are mobilized to secure the activities that are essential to our economy, while also deploying our solutions and areas of expertise to foster the green transition.

Maxime Séché, CEO