Eve Masurel : the Science of waste treatment

Eve Masurel : the Science of waste treatment


Eve Masurel is a chemical engineer at the Séché Environnement R&D centre in Saint Vulbas (France). She holds a doctorate in process engineering and coordinates projects that aim at improving industrial installations. She has significant expertise in the vast waste treatment sector.

Tell us about how you came to join Séché Environnement? 

I started out as doctoral student at EDF and then with Air Liquide as an R&D engineer. I worked on gas treatment projects with international partners. In July 2019, I joined the Séché Environnement Research and Development (R&D) centre at St Vulbas, where I work on improving and developing waste treatment processes.

What does your job entail? 

I’m a specialist at the Trédi Strasbourg site, where we treat hazardous and complex waste. I coordinate industrial installation improvement projects. I also consult for other entities in the Group, both in France and abroad. My scientific curiosity and my relational expertise have helped me develop my skills in the vast waste treatment and recovery sector.


What is your favourite professional memory?

During an assignment in China for Air Liquide, I took part in an “innovation game” for the group’s entire R&D staff (300 participants). I took first place in the “inspiration” category.


Industry is a male-dominated sector. How do you find this? 

I feel like I am well-integrated, valued and recognised within my department and in the field. My human touch and empathetic approach, mixed with my ability to discern, are the perfect ingredients for working in a diverse context!


What advice would you give to young women starting out in this field? 

Be yourself and be open to others. Don’t have an inferiority complex. Feel comfortable in your role. Be humble but confident in your approach with colleagues in the field.


What are you passionate about and what don’t your colleagues know about you? 

I love doing DIY, designing and making things, and giving furniture a new lease of life... I am part of the circular economy!