Marjorie Chemin: the logistics behind hazardous materials

Marjorie Chemin: the logistics behind hazardous materials


Marjorie Chemin is operations manager at the Séché Healthcare infectious medical waste collection centre in Lyon (France). When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, hospitals, nursing homes and healthcare facilities had to learn how to cope. As did Marjorie and her team.

Tell us about how you came to join Séché Environnement?

After completing a vocational course (BTS) in Transportation, with an apprenticeship in the transportation subsidiary of a French a cement maker, I worked in planning domestic fuel delivery to private individuals. This gave me a passion for hazardous material transportation. This experience influenced by entire career. At Séché Environnement, I also discovered the industrial aspect through treatment facilities.


What does your job entail?

I am operations manager for the Séché Healthcare Lyon logistics centre, which specialises in the collection of infectious medical waste. I manage a team of 15 people and a fleet of 10 lorries. My role requires a great deal of reactivity and being like a “Swiss army knife” because I have to manage the fleet as well as risk, maintenance, customer relations, etc. That’s why it is so interesting!


What is your favourite professional memory?

In 2020, during the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, we were facing a sudden, significant increase in infectious medical waste. We had to get organised and we were under a lot of pressure...and then one day, I received a thank you email from our client, Hôpitaux de Lyon (Lyon Hospitals) and a huge MERCI (thank you) in colour. I found this message really touching.


Industry is a male-dominated sector. How do you find this? 

Whilst the drivers are often men, it’s mainly women who hold operational, commercial or business owner roles in the transport sector. On the other hand, I am often the only woman in on-site meetings for industrial companies that we work with. But that doesn’t bother me.


What advice would you give to young women starting out in this field? 

I would advise not to put up any barriers, and just be really well organised. But if you are a mother, then you’ll be used to this.


What don’t your colleagues know about you? 

I love playing scrabble. I play online every evening, before going to bed. I love playing with words, finding solutions and, of course, winning points!