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52, rue Clément Ader BP 136

62103 Calais cedex

Tel : +33 (0) 3 21 34 70 70

Fax : +33 (0) 3 21 34 70 01

Longitude : 1,917

Latitude : 50,949

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Hameau de La Bistade Sainte Marie Kerque site

Non-hazardous waste storage facility (class 2)

  • Containment of waste in secure cells that are completely impermeable and adapted for this purpose to collect effluents generated during its natural degradation (biogas and leachates).

  • Monitoring and analysis of environments (air, water and biodiversity).

Types of waste accepted on site
  • Household waste

  • Non-hazardous waste from industrial or commercial activities (Ordinary Industrial Waste or OIW).

Electricity production unit

  • Biogas recovery from the biodegradation of waste confined in the Storage facility in the form of electricity.

  • Processes used: An engine of 1,400 MW (see diagram).

  • Reinjection of all the electricity produced into the ERDF grid.

Waste reception center

  • Reserved exclusively for individuals residing on the territory of the Community of Municipalities of Sainte-Marie-Kerque and Saint-Pierre-Brouck.

Accepted waste
  • bulky waste

  • cumbersome refuse

  • green waste

  • rubble

  • toxic and/or hazardous waste (hazardous household waste)

Waste refused
  • explosive waste

  • asbestos

  • used tires

  • radios

Collection of waste from individuals

  • Collected waste: household waste, selective collection, glass, green and fermentable waste and cumbersome refuse.

  • Door-to-door pick-up of waste from individuals thanks to adapted vehicles.

Rue Marcel DORET site – Calais

Centre for sorting Ordinary Industrial Waste (OIW)

  • Reception of recyclable materials from business and industrial clients Sorting, separation and preparation of materials before being rerouted to recycling businesses (paper, cartons, glass, wood, plastic, etc.).

  • These materials are used to replace virgin raw materials and accordingly contribute to the protection of natural resources.

Types of waste accepted on site
  • Packaging and recyclable materials from industrial or commercial activities

  • Non-biodegradable Ordinary Industrial Waste (OIW)

  • Non-recoverable waste from selective collection

  • Household cumbersome refuse

SRF production (Solid Recovered Fuel production) plant

  • Fuel production from non-recyclable waste (mixed OIW, cumbersome refuse from waste reception centers) for industrial users. This fuel is made up of light particles found in waste, with high energy potential (pieces of paper, wood, plastic) that cannot be subject to product recovery.

  • It is produced and prepared on request (sorting, shredding and mechanical separation) based on the characteristics of the furnace or boiler of the industrial user and replaces traditional fossil fuel.

  • Fuel production from waste which will be used to replace fossil fuel by some industrial clients.


  • Transportation and collection: rental of packaging equipment for Ordinary Industrial Waste (OIW), final industrial waste (FIW), recyclable goods and HIW.

  • Organization of logistics and chartering.

  • Consulting: research, packaging, regulatory monitoring, safety and transport.

Operation of transfer centre

  • Availability of material and personnel for guarding, monitoring and reloading waste

  • Transportation of waste in semi-trailers with a moving floor



Sales Contact


La fabrication de CSR

Visiting hours

  • The site can be visited year round, on appointment (+33 (0) 3 21 85 01 00).


  • ISO 9001 certification (V2008
  • ISO 14001 certification (V2004)
  • OHSAS 18001 certification (V2007)

Company informations (for both sites)

  • Chairman : Hélène Guy

  • Orders from the Prefect's office :

    • Class II FWSC – No. 97-59 of April 14, 1997, as amended

    • Sorting center: No. 2000-18 of 01/24/2001

  • A French limited company (SAS) with share capital of EUR 1,000,000

  • Siret: 332 359 637

  • RCS: Calais B 332 359 637

  • NAF code: 3821Z