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Treatment of special industrial gases

Traitement des gaz industriels spéciaux

A specialist in industrial gas treatment and a subsidiary of Séché Environnment, Trédi St Vulbas has developed an offering of innovative techniques for treating industrial gases (inflammable, corrosive or toxic gases) collected in containers, from the rehabilitation of older refrigeration or fire safety systems (Halon, SF6 and CFC, respective coefficients of 6,900 teqCO2, 23,900 teqCO2, and 10,600 teqCO2). The management of these gases prevents the emission of 7.8 million teqCO2 per year.

A building in a controlled atmosphere and two direct centers help eliminate all types of gases safely, regardless of their volume and processing.

Incidentally, a direct center has been developed to handle small containers such as orphaned gas cylinders, containing hazardous or unidentified gases, even if they are damaged or their valves no longer work.

Trédi also offers technical expertise as required to clients and packaging in a secure container for the transportation of damaged cylinders.