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Treatment of polluted soils and sites

Pour les sites et sols pollués

Issues relating to accidental pollution, residual pollution, and prior existence of pollution must be addressed by industries or local authorities in the interest of all. Séché Eco-Services, a subsidiary specialized in site rehabilitation, offers comprehensive site decontamination and renovation solutions integrating contaminated soil treatment and recovery techniques.

  • The Group handles the recovery, treatment and elimination of soils containing organic or metallic pollutants.

  • Management of waste stored on the site, regardless of its type or container, and disposal to the most adapted facility after analysis (storage, thermal or physical-chemical treatment);

  • Containment, packaging and disposal to the most suitable treatment facility;

  • Off-site treatment or recovery of soils in an adapted facility;

  • On-site treatment of polluted soils: biotreatment (hydrocarbons, solvent, etc.), physicochemical treatment (see also) (mercury, chromium, lead, etc.), containment, stabilization and / or mechanical improvement, etc.

  • On-site treatment of effluents: physicochemical treatment (see also) (suspended matter, metals, hydrocarbons, etc.), volume reduction, sludge dehydration.

  • Rehabilitation of household waste landfills or private landfills (industrial landfills); for example, the La Gabarre site in Guadeloupe.

  • Management and optimization of disposal facilities: storage, thermal treatment (see also), recovery, etc.

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