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Site decontamination/Rehabilitation

Dépollution / Réhabilitation de sites

Through its Séché Eco-Services (SES) subsidiary, Séché Environnement provides site rehabilitation and decontamination solutions and handles the different stages of implementation (sizing and operational feasibility, project implementation, waste identification and optimized waste management, etc.).

The men and women working on our projects are fully trained in chemical risk management and have solid experience in managing waste and complying with regulations—two guarantees that are essential to any site owner with concerns over liability.

Séché Eco-Services provides its clients with highly technical industrial tools that meet all the criteria needed for a successful decontamination operation.

Our comprehensive offering enables to efficiently resolve all issues encountered during the various stages of a site rehabilitation project :

  • Pre-treatment or on-site treatment of waste and contaminated materials and soils: biotreatment (hydrocarbons, solvents, etc.), physical-chemical treatment (mercury, chromium, lead, etc.), containment, stabilization and/or mechanical improvement through chemical oxidation, etc.

  • Treatment of effluents : physical-chemical treatment (suspended matters, metals, hydrocarbons, etc.), reduction of volume, sludge dehydration

  • Rehabilitation of household or industrial waste sites (public or corporate procurement contracts): For example, the La Gabarre site in Guadeloupe

  • Decontamination, asbestos removal and demolition

Séché Eco-Services has adopted a total approach to progress (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications). It also possesses technical certifications for various activities (earthworks, demolition, asbestos removal and special projects). Séché Eco-Services is a member of SNED (National Association of Demolition Companies) and UPDS.

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