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Health activities generate waste potentially contaminated by biological agents.

Infectious Medical Waste (IMW) includes a large variety of waste: dressing and needles used in medical or veterinary practices, contaminated materials used in research or bioanalytical laboratories. Concurrently, the development of single-use medical material continues to generate new and increasingly more important sources of waste.

These types of waste must be treated in specific facilities to eliminate any risk and destroy all pathogenic substances.

Séché Environnement has two specific technologies to treat this type of waste :

  • Sanitization in an autoclave to transform Infectious Medical Waste into ordinary waste (elimination of all pathogens). Ordinary waste may then enter the traditional stream for said "ordinary waste" (thermal treatment or Class 2 waste storage facility).

  • Incineration at very high temperatures in incinerators (household or hazardous waste). Incinerators must receive specific authorization and be equipped with a dedicated unit.