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Our values

Building environmental excellence


More than any other activity, the treatment of waste requires a company to be very attentive. Waste must be treated with care to protect nature and its biodiversity. The preservation of our world and the well-being of mankind are our priorities.

Séché Environnement knows that social acceptance of its activities goes hand in hand with its capacity to demonstrate that the solution is not to keep garbage out of sight and out of mind.

Since its inception, the Group has sought to set the example from an environmental standpoint and has acquired its ISO 14001 certification, where the environment is integrated as an essential management tool. The Changé site was the first of its kind in the world to receive ISO 14001 certification in 1996 in this sector.

As an extension of the ISO 14001, the Changé site developed an occupation health management and work safety system that was awarded OHSAS 18001 certification in 2003, placing the Group once again as a leader in its field.

This proactive approach has been adopted by all of the Groups sites, which have received at least one of the following certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

This Endeavour has led the Group to set out work rules and practices, guaranteeing in the long term the safety of activities vis a vis the natural and human environment, and the continual search for improvement.

Limits to drawing from the natural environment, the implementation of ever-evolving performing techniques to monitor the environment, anticipate future regulations, optimize transportation, develop multi-modal solutions, R&D in waste recovery and energy production, etc. are the key words of a corporate culture, set out in its Sustainable Development Charter or Séché Environnement's Quality, Safety, Health and Environment policy.

Promoting industrial ecology

Promouvoir l'écologie industrielle

Séché Environnement is permanently committed to entering into long-lasting partnerships with the territories where it is present and promoting a global strategy of sustainable development.

Based on local opportunities, treatment sites providing part of thermal energy that they recover from industrial users located in close proximity, accordingly participating in the preservation of natural resources. In 2010, over 430,000 tons of steam were sold to neighboring manufacturers, in Changé, Rouen and Salaise.

200 KWc of solar panels have been installed at the SVO site in Vigeant: two types of panels (thin and crystalline layer) and 5 different brands of panels and invertors. This is the only facility in Europe to carry out research and experiments. On this technical basis a solar learning institute was launched in association with Afpa, a leader in solar energy, to train craftsmen and Technical University Institute students, before opening to a larger public and extending its research to smart grids and intelligent grids to manage renewable energies.

Industrial ecology also permanently seeks the most adapted solutions to handle the waste of local authorities and industrial clients, promoting their recovery and developing new facilities that are even more adapted and secure.

In the next couple of months, we will see the development of a new process at the Sénerval site in Strasbourg, aimed at energy optimization of the unit and methanization of part of the incoming streams.

The choice of multimodal transport is also favored, when facilities are available (for example, on the Tredi Salaise site which can receive waste by railway freight).

In 2011, Séché will re-activate a railway track at the Longuefuye business park (Western France) in order to route waste treated at the Changé site (Western France) by train.

Promote industrial ecology to develop complete transparency on the activity of the Group's sites, to put into place close-knit communication with local residents, associations and all stakeholders to establish a meaningful exchange on the activities. This commitment to transparency is also reflected in year-round visits that can be organized for the public so that each individual can discover the environment business.

Promoting the protection of biodiversity

Favoriser la protection de la biodiversité

Through the pith and substance of these businesses and the manner in which it exercises them, Séché Environnement is strongly involved in the environmental challenge in general and in the preservation of biodiversity, in particular. Anticipation and commitment in the long-term are key to positively impacting the natural environment in a sustainable manner. The biodiversity being protected by the company surrounds us daily and is often not noticed as it is qualified as common or ordinary by some. But it is that which will define the richness of territories in the future.

In the middle of the 1990s, the Group adopted a monitoring approach tailored to environments by integrating ecology services at its Changé site. This approach was extended to all sites as external operations unfolded. The environmental policy is based on the respect of the present so that we do not undermine the future. Biodiversity and landscapes are integrated at the same level as operations, based on management methods of sites.

The connection that links the Group to neighboring biodiversity is all the more important as it is significantly tied to the land; it is possible for the Group to implement comprehensive actions to safeguard and monitor the animal and plant world. The fruits of these actions go beyond these sites owing to the existing exchanges between territories (ecological corridors).

The storage business benefits from studies on the impact on plant and animal life as well as on the integration in the landscape, completed by monitoring programs specific to bio-indicator species, which act as witnesses to air or water quality. Séché is moreover a partner of The Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle in the monitoring of common birds and bats.

This experience of around 15 years of concrete actions integrating the value of biodiversity to the heart of the company has enabled Séché Environnment to exchange good practices during seminars and with think-tanks at the national level to demonstrate what is possible in this area (Orée association, MNHN work group, Grenelle de l'Environnment Round Table, etc.).