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Expertise in all types of waste treatment

Nos métiers

Turnkey waste management solutions

Séché Environnement is committed to sustainable local development and its household and industrial waste treatment solutions are designed to meet the requirements of different waste producers.

Our network of local facilities and their complementary nature mean we can provide local solutions for all forms of waste, even the most specific types.

We analyse your requirements and adapt our solutions to your individual needs. We can handle all steps in the process, from collection and processing to the transfer to dedicated or onsite final treatment sites (industrial effluents, polluted soils), regardless of the volume of waste to be treated.

Product recovery from waste

In accordance with the principle of hierarchy in waste management, we give priority to product recovery.

  • Sorting of non-hazardous packaging and waste from business activities
  • Composting unit
  • Solvent regeneration
  • Decontamination of transformers prior to product recovery
  • Cooking oil, engine oil

  • By-products from the chemical treatment of metals

Recovering energy from waste

All our waste treatment sites (non-hazardous waste storage facilities, thermal treatment units) have developed expertise in producing renewable energies or recovering energy.

Priority is given to ecological industrial solutions, depending on local requirements:

  • Electricity production
  • Cogeneration and the supply of steam to businesses and industries
  • Creation and supply of urban heating networks
  • Production of solid fuels from waste recovery
  • Solar farm

The Group has been energy positive (producing more energy than it consumes) for many years.

Non-recyclable waste residue

Non-recyclable waste is treated at our sites, which meet high environmental standards (certified ISO 9001 – ISO 14001 – OHSAS 18001). We guarantee full traceability and visibility over the entire waste treatment chain.

  • Sorting / grouping platform for dispersed hazardous waste
  • Hazardous waste storage site
  • Non-hazardous waste storage site

  • Thermal treatment facilities

We have developed specific solutions to guarantee quality handling of all forms of waste - even the most specific types.

Specific waste treatment expertise

Our technical unit of specially-trained chemical experts handles waste presenting a chemical, biological or pyrotechnic risk.

Our decontamination department provides site remediation or decommissioning services for all types of pollution.

The Tredi Salaise and Tredi St Vulbas sites offer specially-developed solutions for very specific types of waste (aerosols, industrial gases, PCB decontamination, etc.), including onsite processing and collection.