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Managing industrial effluents

Gestion des effluents industriels

In addition to delegating management of solid industrial waste, Séché Environnement offers specific solutions for handing liquid effluents. The Group makes available its experience and know-how to its clients to optimize the processes, volumes and effluent disposal businesses.

Waste management can be provided on an as-needed basis through mobile intervention units for hazard removal, site safety or decontamination operations. The Group relies on its grouping complexes (see also) and on its Séché Transports subsidiary to optimize, if need be, waste handling.

Waste management can also extend to setting up on-site physical-chemical treatment units to provide treatment solutions for industrial sludge and waste water.

Together with its Séché Eco Services subsidiary, Séché Environnement can take charge of every stage of the process, from design to operations to special units tailored to the needs of industrial clients :

  • Assistance and consulting, pilot project implementation, sizing and validation

  • Facility design and construction

  • Providing on-site staff