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Looking after a planet with limited resources

Prendre soin d'une planète aux ressources limitées

The earth is a complex ecosystem in which waste must be handled with care. This is the prerequisite for social acceptance of Séché Environnement's business lines. This is why the Group is very vigilant in protecting biodiversity, the earth and mankind's well-being. Health is protected through the strict control of waste, which limits its toxicity and environmental impacts. The goal is to develop industrial structures which will be regarded as assets for the economy and sustainable development that serves mankind.

The balances that Séché Environnement is required to manage concern not only the environment (energy, raw materials, water, releases, etc.) but people, too (training, employment, innovation and societal needs, infrastructures, education, territorial integration, etc.). Success in finding an acceptable balance between these competing interests requires a new waste management approach. This is what the Group has set out to do by developing an integrated vision that incorporates the conservation of natural resources from a "life cycle" standpoint and not only from only an "end of useful life" perspective. The product is tomorrow's waste and most certainly the resource for the day after tomorrow's product.