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Forms in which shares in the company are held

Holding Registered shares

The shareholder is known by the company and benefits from personalised services :

In pure registered form :

  • The shares are registered exclusively with the company's security services (service provided by CACEIS), which holds and manages them free of charge.

  • The transfer of your pure registered shares :

    To transfer your pure registered shares, contact your financial intermediary and request a securities transfer form. Your intermediary will handle your request with CACEIS.

    Once you receive your shares, CACEIS Corporate Trust, the company mandated by Séché Environnement to manage the registered shares, will send you the certificate for the registration of your shares in the corresponding account. CACEIS Corporate Trust will thus become your sole contact.

    A transaction statement will also be sent to you after each transaction on your account. At 31 December of each year, CACEIS Corporate Trust will send you a securities account statement. The fees for each securities transfer will be determined by your financial intermediary. You should refer to the fee schedule for commissions applied by your intermediary.

    Ask your financial intermediary for the deadline required for transferring your shares. The registration of your registered shares will only be finalised once your financial intermediary has completed the transfer.

In administered registered form :

  • Shares held and managed by the shareholder's financial intermediary are also registered with the company's securities service. (This is the recommended form for securities that are held as part of an equity savings plan).

  • The registration of your administered registered securities :

    Registering your shares in administered registered form does not require you to transfer securities or to change your banking establishment.

    The account in which you hold administered registered securities is therefore managed by the financial establishment of your choice.

    Your bank must make a registration request to our manager (i.e. CACEIS Corporate Trust) and will maintain the management of your securities account.

    CACEIS Corporate Trust will register, free of charge, your securities in administered registered form once it receives the request from your financial intermediary.

    Shares held in an equity savings plan may be registered in administered registered form.

In bearer form

The shareholder is not directly known by the company. Listed companies may obtain, from the company in charge of compensating securities (Euroclear France) the list of their holders of bearer securities, at a given date (Identification of holders of bearer securities).

In order to better identify its shareholders, Séché Environnement regularly requests this document.