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In order to offer its clients a full range of services, Séché Environnement has a number of solutions for transporting waste.

Séché Transports, one of the company's subsidiaries, is OHSAS 18001 certified (only on Changé's Site) and is equipped to handle any type of residue, whether packaged on in bulk, liquid or solid, or in large or small quantities.

Because it is so quick to intervene, it can respond immediately and in the most appropriate manner whenever there is an accidental pollution.

The Group offers transportation solutions adapted to any type of waste, including the most specific or hazardous waste (industrial gas, PCB-contaminated waste, etc.).

Séché Transports enforces the European Agreement on the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR). This is a guarantee that operations will be carried out at a high level of safety.

In December 2010, Séché Transports became "Objectif CO2: Les Transporteurs s'engagent" certified, which recognizes efforts led as part of a voluntary initiative to reduce of CO2 emissions.

The different household waste recovery sites also provide local solutions based on the needs of industrial clients or local communities in support of their waste management efforts.

In addition, the Group has developed multi-modal transport solutions for sites located in proximity to rail lines. In this regard, in 2012 Séché has re-activated a railway track serving the Longuefuye (Western France) platform, which enables the company to ship a portion of waste destined for the Changé treatment facility by rail.