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Delegated management of household waste

Collecte sélective

Séché Environnement makes available all its expertise in waste management, recovery and treatment to local authorities under delegated management contracts.

The Group provides its know-how to assist local authorities with optimizing the management of the waste for which they are responsible.

Delegation can cover :

  • Operating an existing facility :

    • Guaranteeing regulatory compliance

    • Transfer of Séché Environnement's know-how (certification policy, etc.)

  • Providing support at every stage in the design of facilities or ancillary waste treatment tools, promoting emerging waste recovery technologies :

    • Assistance and consulting

    • Feasibility studies and sizing

    • Completing government formalities (The ICPE classified site process, canvassing the public, consultative bodies) until the required permits are issued.

    • Operating a recovery and/or waste treatment facility

  • Process development and optimization: identifying and setting up processes to improve waste recovery or energy production.

Séché Environnement has been awarded a contract to manage thermal treatment units on behalf of the cities of Pau (the Béarn Environnement site), Nantes (the Alcea site) and Strasbourg (the Sénerval site). The Group also provides support on comprehensive household waste management to Aude Household Waste Authority through its Valaudia subsidiary.

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