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Our businesses are at the crossroads of treating complex pollution and seeking solutions to address the growing scarcity of raw materials and energy. Innovation remains one of our core concerns so that we can meet our clients' requirements, which evolve over time. This means we are resolutely looking to the future. Expectations in this respect are growing, and all our resources and our creativity are being mobilised to achieve this aim. Our contribution to the circular economy attests to our commitment.

However, propelling the environment into the economic sphere is not an end in itself.  It is important to commit to an approach that emphasises responsible performance. This decision cannot be taken in isolation, unrelated to a strategic vision consistent with the underlying principles of corporate responsibility. We have committed to this approach. And Séché Environnement's history shows how a company can evolve while acting responsibly vis-à-vis society and respecting limits in terms of the environmental impact of its activity. Our approach encompasses aspects as varied as respect for human rights, employee motivation, preserving biodiversity and natural resources, promoting renewable energies, combating climate change and encouraging local integration.

As a company we interact with our stakeholders, who react with each other, in a holistic approach like a real self-sustaining ecosystem. In order to achieve progress, a responsible strategy must be conceived as a dynamic between inter-dependent players, not as a vision that ranks stakeholders by order of importance.

This is our approach to corporate responsibility, inspired by the United Nations Global Compact, which we first adhered to around ten years ago. Our aim is to "Work together to invent tailored services that make the world a better place to live in," even if this makes us seem to lack any modesty.

Sustainable value creation aims to meet the expectations of all stakeholders and provides the company with the capacity to grow, to survive crises and to adapt to the constraints of its environment.

All our employees share this vision. Our corporate social responsibility report expands on our vision and how we apply it in our daily work. Like every year, it describes the Group's latest initiatives in this area.

 It is important to remember that the Group's foundations are primarily built upon a unique state of mind and a corporate culture that gives priority to innovation, environmental performance and close relations between individuals.

Joël Séché
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Sustainable Development Charter

Via its Sustainable Development Charter, Séché Environnement adheres to the following 7 major principles :

  • Making the protection of the environment, human health and accountability to people the basis of the company's long-term viability.

  • Promoting a genuine culture of sustainable development

  • Acting as a sustainable development ambassador

  • Operating in accordance with the principles of good corporate citizenship

  • Promoting research and developing increasingly efficient and reliable waste treatment facilities

  • Complying with and anticipating changes in regulations

  • Basing its sales strategy on its ethical behavior and compliance with existing international laws and agreements

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