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  • About Us

    As a specialist in waste recovery and treatment, Séché Environnement delivers solutions for balancing business activities, industrial development and protecting resources and biodiversity.

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  • Solutions sur mesure pour les déchets des collectivités

    Séché Environnement is a natural partner of local authorities for managing household waste and other environmental concerns.

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  • Solutions sur mesure pour les déchets des industriels

    The management of industrial waste, a key factor in the development of the activity of companies, represents a major economic and ecological stake.

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  • Notre expertise pour tous vos déchets

    Séché Environnement is an industrial group offering environmental management solutions. The Group operates waste treatment and recovery facilities and develops specific tools to produce energy from waste.

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  • Service offers International

    With over 25 years of experience, spanning 5 continents, Trédi offers integrated and tailored solutions for handing hazardous industrial waste to their final elimination.

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Financial news

Activity at 30 September 2014

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Le rapport RSE 2013 vient d'être publié, consultez-le !

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